Our Nannochloropsis Gaditana or Marine Phytoplankton is a premium quality micro-algae  that is grown on Dutch soil. The greenhouses are located at the edge of one of the largest protected natural areas in the  Netherlands called ‘Oostvaardersplassen’  The area was recently featured in the award winning documentary  ‘The New Wilderness’. The microalgae are grown on ancient seawater (Pleistocene era, about 130,000 years old) and subsequently is free of any contamination or heavy metals. The seawater is extracted from 80 meters below the surface and is perfectly suited for growing algae.

Nannochloropsis is cultivated year round in a fully controlled photobioreactor system managed by a dedicated team of  microbiologists who have 20 years of combined experience in microalgae production. The microalgae are grown on selected food grade nutrients under GMP+ certification.

Open Pond Phytoplankton Greenhouse

Natural and Sustainable

Our production system is environmentally friendly and no pesticides or herbicides are being used. We use selected, natural algal strains and pure water and nutrient sources. Production batches are continuously monitored for quality.

Our microalgae are cultivated in a mono-specific culture under controlled conditions in a semi-continuous process with optimum provision of nutrients, CO2 , light and mixing. Cultivation and processing conditions are standardized which ensures constant quality and a high content of valuable components in the microalgae product.

The microalgae are produced with just sunlight. No artificial lighting is used. The Dutch marine climate zone with relatively cool summers and mild winters ensures us with year round production.


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